If we have not yet had the opportunity to connect, this “Readme” can serve as a basic introduction to how I operate. I look forward to connecting with you.

Professional Values

My perspectives are continually evolving as I come across new experiences and new data. That said, I have consistently come to value the following (style inspired by the Manifesto for Agile Software Development):

  • Unique journeys over standard patterns of execution
  • The right questions over the right answers
  • Data over theory
  • Lean communication over thorough communication
  • Focus and fit over breadth
  • Evolutionary systems over up-front systems design

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, I have come to value the items on the left more.

How I Contribute

Not a rockstar

Not a rockstar

Not a ninja

Not a ninja

An engineer

An engineer

I’m not a “rockstar” or a “ninja”. Rather, I operate at my best when I’m part of a larger value creation network, where trust and autonomy enable exceptional outcomes. I love working with creative, diverse teams and appreciate detailed critiques of anything I’m doing.

Where I Operate

I’m energized by travel for both work and leisure. I particularly enjoy coming across new perspectives, experiences, and stories. I’ve had the pleasure of working onsite with organizations in these places:

I’m currently based in New York City and have lived in the United States (the Rocky Mountains and Northeast regions) and Germany (Berlin).

Interests and Proficiencies

I’m most interested and proficient in these areas:



My “core toolset” naturally changes over time. In my current projects, I find the following to be exceptionally valuable:

Software Delivery Toolset